Hear what folks are saying about london recovery institute...

“As a former professional soccer player and the President of the Chicago Soccer Academy, I work with athletes every day. I started coming to London Recovery Institute because injuries I sustained years back were causing me pain. I tried recovering on my own, but nothing was working. Since I started coming here, I was able to start working out again, I have less pain, more mobility, and movement; these guys repaired me!”
— Tim Balatsoukas - President, Chicago Soccer Academy

“Before I was referred to London Recovery Institute by my chiropractor, I was dealing with such severe neck pain that I was living on oxycodone, and was sleeping less than two hours a night. I had also been dealing with tightness around my sciatic nerve for as long as I could remember. After coming to London Recovery Institute for two weeks, I’m diminishing my use of narcotics, my pain is going away, I’m sleeping through the night, my mobility is better, and my lower back doesn’t hurt anymore.”
— Tom M. - Sales Professional

“I have suffered with sinus infections my entire life. I have taken medications, have seen general practitioners, ENTs, even chiropractors, and yet I continued to suffer. Since I started coming to London Recovery Institute, they’ve really made a difference- I feel better every day, and I’ve not had a sinus infection since.”
— Lisa L. - Sales Director

“As I’ve aged, my body was really starting to tighten up. So I came to London Recovery Institute, Kate stretched me out and showed me how I could do the stretches on my own at home. What I liked about this the most is how the goal wasn’t to have me keep coming back in, but was to wean me off and let me do the work on my own. I’m definitely going to keep coming back, though, because I feel great!”
— Marson M. - Broker

“About 14 years ago, I had radiation therapy for head/neck cancer. Over the years, I had slowly lost a great deal of my range of motion and developed constant neck pain, which my doctors said they would have to treat with narcotics. I work full time and have a life! I can’t be taking narcotics! I decided to try some structural therapy and massage. After the third visit, my pain was gone...completely gone! My range of motion has greatly improved and I can move like I used to! Kate London has such a great touch! If you have pain or an injury, DO this!”
— Mary T. - Medical Coding Specialist

“I have worked in the health and fitness industry as a Personal Trainer for the past 17 years. Although I consider myself to live a very healthy lifestyle by being active and eating healthy, the bottom line is my body has had a lot of wear and tear on it. When you add up my past competitive sports history, along with training over 35 clients a week for 17 years, my body can really use some help regenerating. Kate’s education and experience in this realm is just what I need, and her ability to listen with great detail to her client’s needs is unmatched. She is great at changing her approach to better meet an individual’s needs. Kate is very honest, humble, loyal, and completely dedicated to helping anyone who comes to see her feel better- I highly recommend her!”
— Rich R. - Personal Trainer

“I have been seeing chiropractors for over 15 years, and none of them were ever able to rid me of my constant back pain, leg pain, and chronic headaches. It took Kate at London Recovery Institute ONE HOUR to figure out what chiropractors couldn’t remedy over the course of years! By my second visit, I was finally RID of my pain, and today I feel better than I ever have in my adult life!”
— Matt B. - Executive Sales Professional