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Debbie Leoni  

Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Author, Mentor, Coach

Debbie teaches her clients and students how to transform and heal the body, mind and spirit with life coaching, meditation and yoga.  She has been leading individuals and groups into purpose, fulfillment and healing since the early 1980's. 

Debbie began practicing yoga in 2008, realizing that the path to enlightenment is by accessing the wisdom of the body through asana.  She overcame her fear of being the oldest yoga student in her class in 2011, and registered for the 200 teacher training through Yoga Studies Institute in Arizona, learning Tibetan Heart Yoga.  Both on and off the mat, Debbie teaches her students to bust through the self limiting beliefs and shift from fear to fearlessness.   Her new book, "I Am Fearless: 12 Elements of Fearless Living" offers the tools, insight and stories around how to live fearlessly.

Debbie loves all styles of yoga, yin and restorative being two of her favorites because the stillness allows access to insight, internal wisdom, peace and healing.   Debbie believes that there are no levels of yoga as each one of us is forever offered the opportunity to expand, grow and experience enlightenment.

Identify the fears that are blocking you
Understand what it’s costing you
Know what’s possible by using your fear instead of it using you

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